Top Three Biggest Running Marathons in The World


Running is not only good for the heart, it can also increase your metabolism, which leads to weight loss. It can tone muscles, especially the ones that are in the thighs, calves, and butt.

When shedding those excess fats, running has been the best go-to exercise that every person does. You can run anywhere, and you don’t have to pay gym fees and all that. With only a pair of good shoes and great music, you are good to go. It can either be just a hobby or a major sport.

For years, running marathons have been hosted by big companies or non-profit organizations. It can help by giving all proceeds to certain charities or to promote something. Such marathons have been joined by celebrities and civilians. I am going to share the three most popular marathons of the world.

2014 New York City Marathon

New York is one big city, and it is lived by a mixture of people from celebrities, politicians, and civilians. Last November 2, 2014, over 50,386 people ran in the streets of New York. Since then, it has been dubbed as the world’s biggest marathon. It will happen again this year, and it will be sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Just like the one in New York, this marathon is one of the major annual runs in the world. With a 45,000-participant limitation, all runners are selected via lottery provided they meet the qualifications. Charity representatives from American Cancer Society, Asha for Education, and Global Business Assist join this run and is exempted from the lottery selection.

Paris International Marathon

Even though it is not included in the six major runs in the world, the Paris International Marathon is one of the most popular runs in Europe in the long-distance category. It is usually held in the month of April every year. Last 2014, it was participated by over 38, 000 runners. It was graced by the presence of Olympian Kenenisa Bekele. Not only are you shedding some pounds, but you are also enjoying the view of each Parisian destination.


The purpose of organizing such events is to enable peace, start new acquaintances, and of course, to offer donations. Aside from promoting good health, the athletes and citizens who join will finish the run happy, and proud of their accomplishment.

Training for these types of events is no joke. Even if you don’t have plans on winning and you just want to run for fun, still you have to train in order for your body to adjust to long-distance running.